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5 Tips to Help You Get Started on Postponing Your Wedding as a Result of COVID-19

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It goes without saying that for most of us, this year has been the most challenging year of our careers, no matter what industry you are part of. The social distancing guidelines established as a result of COVID-19 have sent couples scrambling to reschedule, or even cancel their dream wedding. As Wedding and portrait photographers, the impact of this pandemic has hit us hard, Everyone in the event industry is living with uncertainty and anxiety. As if planning a wedding wasn't challenging enough, couples now have to reschedule EVERYTHING, from wedding venues, wedding photoprapher, DJ, florist, and let's not forget the officiant, the list goes on and on. What happens if your wedding photographer is booked already? Your DJ or Band? Being forced to reschedule your wedding is by far the last thing on a couple's mind, Let's plan and not panic( or try to)

We've put together a short list of tips that will sure help ease the rescheduling process during this very unusual times in our lives.

Once you have a new date with your venue, if possible, hold two dates, we have a few suggestions for you, remember, we're all in this together!


There's lots of moving parts before and during your wedding, it takes an army. It's very important that you take a look at your vendors and select which one's can only cover one event per day. This doesn't mean you are placing more importance on one vendor over the other, simply means that for example your photographer can not cover two weddings on the same date, neither can your DJ or Band. Prioritizing your vendors will allow you to contact the ones that can only cover your wedding on your specific date. Florists, caterers, and bakers are among the vendors that possibly have teams already in place to handle more than one event per day. Your Photographer, DJ/Band, and Officiant, are a few on your vendor list that can't cover more than one event per day. We suggest you contact these vendors first.


Let them know ASAP. This helps them out in many ways. Let them know they no longer need to save the date, during these circumstances, your guest will appreciate the early heads up and they will thank you for keeping their well-being on your mind. It also gives them plenty of time to cancel tux rentals, accommodations, travel, etc.

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Remember, YOU are still in control. Sure, you need a new date ASAP, but don't worry if you don't have it by the end of the week, or the next. It's also okay to be upset about the whole thing, it's your wedding damn it!!!! Seriously though, take a deep breath, you can keep enjoying being engaged, plan a date, celebrate your relationship, celebrate life.


This might be easier said then done. October is probably the busiest time for us in the wedding industry, that being said, most Saturdays get booked a year in advance, so, if your original date was sometime in October, chances are your ideal date is already taken. Be flexible. Consider Friday or Sunday as a posibility, better yet, a different month. Staying flexible will relieve you of anxiety and stress about having your wedding on a very specific date. This can also be favorable to your vendors since they can keep premium dates available for other couples.


That's right, you can save us all, or a bunch of us at least. Consider keeping the original payment schedule. Many vendors have huge overheads that need to be covered, many had to furlough most of the staff, and given that many utility companies have hardship assistance, not everyone does, this will unfortunately make some businesses go under. Keeping your payment schedule means we can continue to operate and still be in business when you have a new date.

We hope this helps you navigate the early stages of postponing your dream wedding, this was not meant to be a definitive guide but more of a means to get you started. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any assistance or suggestions.

Remember to enjoy planning your dream wedding

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